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“Untitled 1" by Kulpreet Singh

Acrylic on Canvas, Boxed with LED back light

12 X 12 Inch



Project SEVA (Social Service)


I pray to God Almighty that The World be healed soon and happiness prevails all over again!!


The irreparable loss of lives, the anger and misery suffered by millions of people; the long queues of the dead bodies waiting for the last rites; the lack of space in crematoriums; many bodies burning on a single pyre; I lived it all. As if this was not enough the fractured social fabric rained further misery by turning the situation into a money-making opportunity and the political class was not left behind in scoring points for themselves. And it pained me to no end.


My recent works are an expression of the unforgettable pain and havoc left by Covid19 Pandemic. For days I volunteered at the cremation grounds. I respectfully gathered a handful of ash from the pyre of several departed ones. I brought back that ash, charcoal and used it with rice paper on canvas. These canvases are a witness to the pain of Covid times. The dots on the canvases represent the uncountable number of people who departed suddenly…


The mass cremations due to Covid-19 are a very disturbing truth. I have heard the silence of the death; experienced the grief of the families. But the governments are busy playing politics for power, blaming the other and trying to shrug off their responsibility through the blatant war of words, in the hope of bringing down the ruling party to wrest power, even atop the thousands of pyres. They want the credit for any measures taken howsoever insufficient patting their backs with announcements without translating into action on the ground.


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Untitled 1

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