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'Nebula-II' by Hemavathy Guha. Created in 2016 using buttons, needle and thread with acrylic base on canvas. Size 31" x 31".


"In the series of works which I have been creating for the past few years, the primary concept is the “Space”. Space, not only as we understand in the physical sense, but the inner space and also the vacuum. It could be that area which makes us think and reason i.e. the brain and mind or it could be any other biological space within our body...where creations take place, where the blood cells integrate and flow around.. Creation of a new work of or non-living! It could also be the outer space within the universe and the cosmos. Spaces such as the black hole and galaxies which in the imagination of the artist can take any shape and form. It could be the beautiful space within a space in which one can observe a rhythmic pattern and which are visible to an artistic eye.

I have used buttons and needle and thread for creating works with the theme of space providing a tactile quality. I wanted to bring about different levels on my canvas and the usage of buttons or thread work helped me to achieve the variations. Of course the acrylic pigment was also used to provide the background." - Hemavathy Guha


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