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'Cloud Deviations' by Shujaat Mirza , Archival inkjet print on acid free, premium paper on hardboard, 2020. It is a collection of digital images in a grid of 3 by 3 in the following order (left to right, top to bottom):


  • Creation ( big bang )
  • Stone Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Atomic Holocaust
  • Nuclear Winter
  • Toxic Growth
  • Artificial Produce
  • Blood Harvest


"The constant stimuli that flashes across and flickers on phone or television or big screen makes us participate in a macabre ritual which is a wild goose chase that leads to a permanently heightened sense of dissatisfaction with our lives and we keep aspiring covetously for an unfulfillable endgame.

This basic idea of human lust for evermore is magnified through the cosmology of a fully grown cauliflower* that mimics the cycles of the world across this path of self-inflicted damage as it mutates into grotesque and distorted realities. The photo montage is a house of horrors that nudges us to realize the potential follies of following the usual way of doing things. The artistic intervention is through the unflagging grip on the narrative, that sends a message of hope that we can change things for the better.

The use of vegetation throws attention on the idea of 'from farm to table', which emphasizes the use of locally available things, so that we do not overstretch and burden the earth." - Shujaat Mirza


A poem, Bartered Infinity by Shujaat Mirza:


The party begins early 

for those who ride the wave 

and the crash comes for others

Life is a humdinger for some 

and harbinger for others

A plastic waste floats on the sea surface 

capturing indispensabilities 

Wants gather over the lips 

like transferred froth from hot liquids

Boiling over into uncertainties

that remain stagnant over time

And then come pouring in 

like unexpected eventualities

A darkness in the heart 

isn't wiped clean by deflections

Nor can much come out of concomitant actions

We float like ambers that are frozen flat

Carcasses of a fire that has lost its intensities

Incandescent once, now we are shelled nuts

Weightless in the trauma

of a passage to bartered infinities.


      Shujaat Mirza


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Cloud Deviations

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