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"Catharsis, tales of battered soul & wounded womb" Created in 2012 by the artist Durga Kainthola. Size 4' x 4’ 


Concept “so, what’s your problem, if I look sexy?”


It is well known that women’s breasts have been the source of erotic, even lascivious masculine interest right from ancient times. The Vedic woman wore a stanasukha, a breast band to hold the breasts in place, as did the Roman women. In fact, Roman women athletes wore the earliest form of the bikini, while exercising. European woman wore corsets to confine her waist and ‘pop’ out her chest, inviting the male gaze to her cleavage. The twentieth century saw fashions veering from the ‘flapper’ fashion of boyish, breast confining silhouettes of the twenties to the conical bras and ‘poodle skirts’ of the hourglass fifties.


The bikini, aptly named after an atomic explosion, created a flutter when it was first unveiled in Paris, but is now worn almost all over the globe. It is a different matter that the 1946 creation by Louis Reared looks almost stone of the devil may care attitude of today’s woman or the angst of the female who needs to protest publicly (an off shoot of the world wide Slut-walks?) as being objectified by the male in comparison to the outrageous thongs and monokinis worn today with great panache and unconcern even by those with less than perfect figures and not to forget the conical bras of the 60’s.


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Catharsis, tales of battered soul & wounded womb

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